Top Ten Binary Options Assets

Top ten binary options assets which include NASDAQ, Gold, Silver, Apple, Google, Oil, Sony, Dow Jones-Future and EUR/USD markets – a list for the trader.

green ribbon top ten binary options sealIt’s 2012 and the world economy is finally picking back up. The markets are up and we’re finally pulling ourselves out of a huge economic recession. This is the best moment to start trading in binary options and fill up your financial coffers.

Binary options trading is a great way to earn an increased annual revenue of capital gains. The binary options trader is helped by the fact that the things he or she trades in are always in the news. This means that binary options trades can be done on the fly just by being aware of the top news items of the day.

1. Gold: Gold is a great binary options trade asset. With the gold market up like never before in the history of trading, a binary options trader can watch the gains go up very quickly. As gold is a standard in all markets, it’s easy to gain a worldwide perspective on all your other asset options. Trading in gold binary options gives you a wide view of what is happening around you. Gold is a standard that everyone loves to trade in since the dawn of time, and a binary options trader should be no exception. The gold standard defines most markets, along with oil, and is the best way to invest in your future and make profits for yourself and your family.

2. Silver: Silver is another worldwide binary options asset which allows you to watch global prices rise overall. With silver binary options assets, you don’t have to invest as much as with gold, but you will get the same sense of what’s going on with the global markets. With it, you can determine the rising and falling prices around you in other markets and investments. Think of it like a barometer to gauge the overall sense of other investment trades.

3. Oil: With rising oil prices, it’s the best time ever to invest in that asset. As oil is yet another global standard, a binary options trader will have no problem deciding the value of the commodity by simply watching the news. Rising prices mean great revenue for a binary options trader in oil and can be very financially rewarding.

4. Apple: There’s no more valuable company in the world than Apple, and everyone knows it by now. Every single product of theirs is a huge runaway success, and every release makes more sales than the time before. This is a win-win scenario for a binary options trader. Of all the assets out there, Apple is one that most people wish they owned a part of. After Apple’s latest release of the new iPad, Apple is trading up more than ever. And with word of their next release being a new iPhone, binary trading in Apple only makes more and more sense.

5. Google: Another runaway success in the tech industry, Google represents an amazing asset to own and trade in for a binary options trader. With their new streamlined products, Google represents another piece of the future for technology and drives the market. All binary options traders are keyed into technology markets as the wave of the future, and Google is one of the top companies to trade in.

6. Sony: Another great asset in binary options is Sony. A standard in entertainment and technology, Sony represents a great long-term view in these areas. With the release of some latest products, Sony is back in the news again which means more profits for the binary options trader. And with Sony’s entertainment division, a binary options trader can keep his or her eyes out on entertainment news to get a feel for what’s happening with this special asset.

7. BP: With oil prices rising, a great asset to invest in is BP. BP is one of the most profitable companies in the world and still expanding their oil revenues. Binary options traders love trading in BP as they are usually a very profitable stock and investment with very little stagnation in their valuation. With the technology market rearing upwards, oil investments are up. With more technology, we require more energy. BP provides a lot of that energy with oil which is gaining in worldwide economic value every day. And with the coming summer months, oil prices will be sure to go up even more.

8. Dow Jones-Future: With the recent rise in the markets, investing in Dow Jones Futures is a great way to make a pretty penny. The market seems to have hit the bottom and has been coming back up for a while, so the future is looking bright for a binary options trader in this asset. The Dow Jones market has hit its highest level in years and it’s a perfect time to start trading again in this asset. With increasing revenues representing the global recovery economy, a binary options trader will be glad to see his or her profits increase in size as well.

9. EUR/USD: The Euro market is fluctuating, but that shouldn’t scare you away from making a lot of profits in trades. With the EUR/USD market, you can make quick trades and gain a lot in binary options trading, which means more earned income for you. A lot of investors have been making FOREX profits in this area. The volatility of it shouldn’t stop you from trading in it as volatiles markets can sometimes return the biggest and fastest gains, which is a key point in binary trading.

10. NASDAQ: With the technology markets on the rise like never before, and with the new Facebook IPO, binary options trades in NASDAQ are almost a guaranteed success. Technology is always in the news, and the NASDAQ has all the technology companies which is important for the binary options trader. Just by keeping current of the technology markets, one can make decisions on NASDAQ trades at a moment’s notice. With the leading companies in the world on NASDAQ, it’s easy to figure out when to buy or sell and make a big profit.

Top 10 Trading Options

Get educated about binary options and find the 10 best assets for binary trading. Focus on assets that you know and on popular choices for your trading options.

editorial illustration of a binary options graduate

A Learned Trader Ready for a Career in Binary Options Trading

When you’re ready to trade options, it’s always a good idea to think about the assets that you want to use. The way that trading options works is that you consider an asset, whether it’s FOREX, stocks or commodities, and then you predict what will happen with that asset in a set amount of time. The better that you know the asset and have a sense of what will happen with that asset, the more likely you are to succeed with the binary options trade. With that in mind, here are ten top trading options that will help you to become more agile with your binary trading process. This is binary options news you won’t want to miss as you start your journey to become a successful binary options trader.


FOREX is always an interesting choice with binary options trading. The idea behind FOREX is that you’re looking at two currencies and gauging what will happen with the prices of those two currencies in a set amount of time. There are many options here with FOREX including GBP/JPY (the Pound and the Japanese Yen), USD/EUE(the US dollar to the European Union Euro), USD/JPY (the US dollar to the Japanese Yen) and many others. Enjoying the binary options process with FOREX is very exciting because you become an expert on the events and the currencies of these two specific countries. Certainly, within this list, watching EUR/USD is quite interesting (the Euro to the US dollar) particularly with the difficulties that both economies have experienced in recent years.

Apple Inc.

Everyone has their eyes of Apple these days, and with good reason. It’s a great one to watch for binary trading at the moment. Apple is always coming out with new and exciting products, and they’ve proven themselves to be able to bounce back from problems and to stay on top. Pay attention to their mobile communication creations, their portable digital music and more and watch them for trading options this year!

Google Inc.

It’s hard to get through a day without Google Inc., and this should be on anyone’s list of binary options news items for trading. Certainly, as everyone knows, they’ve developed the Internet’s most powerful search engine. They also own YouTube, have developed Android and more. Paying attention to them and making assumptions about what their stock will do in a set amount of time is usually a good bet.

The Dow Jones

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re following the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Rather than following one specific stock and making that the binary options choice that you study, with the Dow Jones you can look at 30 stocks that are traded on the Nasdaq and the NY Stock Exchange. Stocks that are part of the Dow Jones include Boeing, Coca Cola and many others. You can pay attention to the news about the Dow Jones, and also learn from asking people questions and following what people write about online.


What could be better than gold in the world? The price of gold is one of the assets worth watching for trading options and it’s a very popular choice. Gold fluctuates often. The best time to trade it is when the inflation is high and the liquidity is high. It’s easy to get a feeling for using this asset for binary options trading and its one that you could become an expert at.

Johnson & Johnson

People don’t always think about pharmaceutical companies as assets worth following for trader options – but they are a great choice. Johnson & Johnson, for instance, has been arrange for ages and has a solid reputation behind it. With the binary options trade, you would be looking at the stock for the pharmaceutical company and making predictions about whether it will gain or lose and by how much.


Another company worth keeping your eyes on with binary options is Vodafone. Now, for binary trading, Vodafone is quoted for the London Stock Exchange. It’s the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world, making it one that is definitely worth watching for trading options.


Another of the hot assets right now which many people enjoy using for binary options news is British Petroleum PLC (BP). Headquartered in London, they provide a huge range of products including fuel for transportation, petrochemicals products, retail services and more. They are quoted on the London Stock Exchange and they are very well know company and one worth watching for the binary options trade.


Finally, silver is always a safe and very popular bet with binary options trading. Just as with gold, with silver you would be watching the price of an ounce of silver and making predictions about what will happen with the silver in a set amount of time. It’s easy to learn a great deal about this asset, making it perfect for the binary trading process. At the same time, it’s quite interesting and allows the trader options within the trade.

There is a vast range of trader options when you start to looking into the binary options trading process. Each of these assets offers the trader an interesting and popular asset that allows for great trading. Certainly, before getting into the trader options and placing a prediction with binary trading, it’s important to study your options and to know your assets well. This will help you to ensure success and to be ready for a great trade with the asset you’ve selected and learned a good deal about. Keep up with the binary options news and know your trader options to do as well as possible with your next trade.