Top Ten Foods to enhance brain power and binary options trading skills

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Top 10 Foods to enhance brain power and binary options trading skills

The Best Food For Investor Brains – from yoghurt and nuts to avocados, eggs, and many more things such as fish….

There are many different ways which we can train ourselves to become better binary options investors. Some of these may include exercises to keep alert, restful sleep patterns, and reading certain subject materials.

Yet another way is to eat certain kinds of foods which give us energy and vitality. Let’s check out a few of those in this article.

1) Caffeine makes you more alert. It actually helps to focus the mind. Naturally, drinking too much caffeine will be injurious to your health, but a daily intake of coffee can benefit you. Indeed, there is even new research to suggest that caffeine even helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease risks in people at later stages in life. It’s a good thing to drink while trading in binary options.

2) Oranges and other citrus fruits are a great way to also enhance your alertness. Oranges and other citrus contain natural sugars – far better than synthetic sugars. Not only do they taste great and take your mind off of eating lots of candy, they also refresh the vitamins your body needs on a daily basis. That’s why many “complete breakfasts” include orange juice to start off your day. Stopping every now and then while trading and drinking some fresh squeezed orange juice is a great way to keep alert and focus on your tasks.

3) Fish in your diet a few times a week will ensure very good health. Fish is full of vitamins which prolong the human lifespan. Indeed, some of the societies on earth with the oldest members of their population rely mostly on a diet of fish (such as the Japanese or Inuit). You don’t have to eat a daily diet of sushi to feel the benefits either. Cook up some salmon or swordfish steaks on a regular basis, or perhaps some tuna.

4) Nuts are a wonderful snack for the binary options trader. In fact, it will not only prevent you from reaching for other detrimental snacks, but they also contain Vitamin E which is very healthy as you grow older. There are many kind s of nuts which you can enjoy. Most people only think of peanuts, but there are so many different other kinds of nuts. Pecans, cashews, hazel nuts, and others which also contain vital oils and other substances which are good for you. So, next time, instead of buying candy at the store, pick up a bag of mixed nuts and snack on those instead while you’re doing your investing online.

5) Avocados contain exceedingly healthy oils and vitamins. They lower your risk of heart attack and increase the blood flow to the heart and brain. When you’re trading in binary options all day long, or even just a few hours, you need an alert mind. Avocados, and other rich fiber diets help ensure that your blood flow will be increased in a healthy way for you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It’ll help you think and act with more assurance. So try some avocados today and reap the benefits of nature’s wonders.

6) Blueberries are amazing fruit. Blueberries also help prevent alzheimer’s in studies, and even help with muscular function because of the way they protect against free radicals. They also help prevent other diseases such as dementia. And not only that, they’re tasty. You don’t need candies to snack on, or fat-saturated snacks like chips. A good bowl of blueberries will not only be good for you while you’re trading and investing in binary options, but it’ll also make you feel great and give you the healthy benefits you need to focus your mind and take care of yourself.

7) Pomegranates are full of antioxidants. They’re so good for you that people have lately taken notice. A budding business in pomegranate juice is starting to flourish because of it. Pomegranates are also some of the tastiest things on earth. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I don’t, however, suggest that you eat them while trading in binary options. The best way to eat a pomegranate is to sit down and enjoy the entire process of eating it with your hands. It’s messy, but extremely satisfying (and fun!). So put that on your shopping list because you can rarely find a better food to snack on or eat to help your mind focus and concentrate.

8) Ginkgo Biloba is a well known “brain herb”. And the good news is that unlike many other herbs touted as being good for your mind, this one has actual scientific data behind it. While research on it is still ongoing, it is safe to consume and helps focus your mind. However, I suggest avoiding drinks with Ginkgo Biloba and caffeine mixed together as those sorts of “energy drinks” usually overdo it and don’t taste well at all. Instead, try some tea with Ginkgo Biloba while you trade in binary options.

9) Eggs, surprisingly, are amazingly healthy for you. Eggs contain not only a vast array of vitamins and minerals, but also choline, which helps boost memory in your brain. Eggs are also full of antioxidants to help prevent the ravages of aging. They are an amazing little capsule of nutrients and vitamins waiting for you to eat them to help your day in binary options trading. Cook them your favorite way and indulge yourself in yet another one of nature’s tasty marvels. I suggest an omelette with tomatoes and cheese (one of my favorites).

10) Yoghurt and granola. That has to be one of my favorite breakfasts ever. You simply take some yoghurt and add some of your favorite granola (with dried fruit, preferably), and eat it. It provides so many nutrients and vitamins to start your day and help to focus your mind for your binary options trading ventures. Not only that, it’s another great way to start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Add some coffee and orange juice, and maybe some eggs, and you’ll be set to take on the world.

These are just some examples of brain foods which can help you trade better in binary options. There are many more. I suggest doing more research on them online.

Top Five holiday season stocks to trade

Top five stock picks for the holiday season and why people should invest in them as market indicators of the overall economy. Mostly tech stocks but oil as well.

top five stocks for holiday binary options trading

What’s stuffing your stocking?

Holiday greetings to everyone, and a lucrative new year!

Yes, that’s right: a lucrative new year. The holiday seasons are some of the best trading times for online traders. With the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, market prices generally tend to go up and trading is fast and furious as items are sold off of the shelves to all sorts of people for the traditional gifting season.

That means that this is the best time for you to start investing in binary options trading at OptionsClick. And to help you along your way in understanding how you can try to predict trends, I’m going to give you a few helpful tips to get you started.

If there’s one hot company out there to trade, it’s Apple. Apple computers makes some of the most sought after gift items since the first iPhone came out, and even before that with the iPod. With the new iPad that is out, and the newly released iPad Minis, you can be sure that most American families will be looking to buy one. Apple stores are renown for their long lines of people waiting just to buy the latest technology, and binary options traders should be well aware of this when investing. Remember that a buzz in the media can be all it takes to set the price of a stock going through the roof, so check on the latest technology and mainstream news sites for any mention of Apple products or stock to know when it’s the right time to invest. It could be a gold mine for you, and it could even earn you the price of a new Apple product yourself if you do it right.

Next up, we have Google. The reason we have Google is not simply because it is the main competitor of Apple, but because Android is doing so well in sales. Yes, it’s true: Android phones and tablets are making a comeback. With the latest release of the new Android phones and software, Android phones are a hot item to get this year. Binary options traders and investors will want to keep this in mind as any mention of Android tends to make Google stock rise, especially when the mention is good. So check those news stories and invest on it.

The third tech company I’ll mention here is, naturally, Microsoft. While Microsoft has been in a serious downturn in the last several years, the new Surface tablet is attracting much attention. While their Windows 8 operating system is a bit disappointing in terms of sales, their new tablet is making the buzz around media and tech blogs in ways not seen since the release of Windows 98. While it may not portend to be a success in the way that the iPad has been, it certainly is moving their stock in predictable ways. You’ll want to check out those movements for yourself by corroborating the newest media stories on Microsoft – especially whenever it makes the headlines on TV shows at channels such as CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. Those are the primary movers of news stories, even in the tech world, for regular people. So make sure you keep an eye out on them for this sort of thing. And remember: the stock doesn’t have to be going up to make money on it. You can make just as much with a downwards turn if you predict it correctly.

The next important stock you’ll want to invest in is oil. Oil, naturally, does have moments where it rises and falls. Those moments, especially in North America, tend to rise with the winter months. Most houses are heated with heating oil, and that affects the price of oil in tremendous ways. With the oncoming cold winter season, most American families (and families throughout the northern hemisphere) will be heating their houses, which will make the price rise dramatically. The demand for oil during these months is phenomenal, and you’ll see mostly an upward trend in the live data graph. Binary options traders at OptionsClick want to make sure they are constantly aware of what the price of oil is and how they correspond to stories in the mainstream media about how cold it is getting. With the latest extremes in weather climate, this winter might indeed become quite severe. It’s a good idea to also check environmental news stories on the subject to try to predict what the temperature will be like for the next few months. More cold weather predicted, and more stories about it, means a dramatic rise in prices. Binary options traders want to remember that these cold weather stories reflect how people will react towards the temperature outside, and even stock up on more heating oil in their basements. It’s never a bad time to look at oil prices, but it’s especially good when it gets cold outside in the northern hemisphere.

Last, but not least, you’ll want to keep an eye out on Amazon. The reason: most people are buying gifts online when they can, and Amazon sells the most out of any other retail outlet. With the advent of online shopping since a decade or more, Amazon has been the leader in online sales for items during the holiday season. In fact, their service is renown for it. Amazon sales are talked about as a prime economic indicator during the holiday season. In fact, you can usually tell how well the economy is doing by their online seasonal sales. Christmas is their biggest season of all and you, as a binary options trader, want to remember that. Be certain to watch their stock relentlessly for indications of upwards movement. With the economy in slight recovery mode, we are bound to see some more sales this year, and that will be reflected in their stock prices. Make sure you take full advantage of this situation by investing in Amazon and checking their stock prices hourly or even every half an hour, directly after the Thanksgiving Dinner. Not only do you stand to make a large profit, but you’ll get a fair indicator of the rest of the economy as well.

Top Ten Tools for the Trader of Binary Options

Learn about accessories, gadgets and other items that the binary options trader will want to have close by. Outfit the office of the trader of binary options.


this famous japanese man is on the binary option asset of a 1000 Yen note. do you know who he is?

Can you name this famous Nipponese man?

The tech-savvy binary options market trading professional wants his office space equipped with the very finest. He is going to be sitting at his desk for hours on end, and this space needs to be made as comfortable as possible for the trader of binary options. To this end, here are a number of suggestions that will help the binary option trader to be at his very best all the time.

Certainly, it goes without saying that when you trade binary options you need to have the best computer possible. He will probably want a number of computer screens so that he can monitor the process as he will trade binary options and watch what is happening with various assets at the same time around the world. In addition to the computer that he selects, he may want to have an iPad handy. With their incredible graphics and their hand size, almost any trader of binary options will reap the benefits of having this handy device. In addition, it’s the perfect companion if he’s in the kitchen, another area of the house, or even on the go so that he can stay up to date with the binary option trade.

There are, as well, many iPad accessories that the trader of binary options will want to have. One to consider when you trade binary options is a wireless keyboard case that will protect the iPad and include built in wireless keyboard access. It is designed like an Apple keyboard with dual command keys and a full right shift key.

To this end, an Android phone or iPhone is a must so that the binary options trader will always know what is happening in the financial world. When he doesn’t have his iPad handy or he needs to be more subtle at some point, his iPhone will keep him up to date with the investment information he needs.

how much coffee do you drink before trading binary options and do you drink starbucks or another great stock of java joe?

Cuppa Java or cup of tea? At Starbucks, neither’s free.

No investor (or no person for that matter these days) is complete without his coffee. A great Starbucks mug is a must around the binary options trader desk on the web or mobile. He or she may also want to install a Starbucks coffee grinder and have some hot, fresh brewed coffee at his or her fingertips.

For alleviating the stress of the trade in the life of the trader of binary options, there are many useful gadgets out there. There includes stress balls that can be molded in the palm of the hand and worked during the trade. There are also very large balls that traders can sit on and that will actually make the work day more comfortable as he sits for lengths of time. The binary options trader may also want to have a back massager or a chair that has a built in back massage. A foot massager is also a plus.

It’s important to make sure that the work environment is a comfortable one and one that is conducive to getting business done. The work chair for the trader of binary options needs to be ergonomic and plush. The desk should be well built and should have a height that is exactly right for the needs of the binary options trader. The keyboard should, similarly, be comfortable and the right height.

The trader of binary options needs to have the right Bluetooth for his needs so that he can be hands free. During the course of the stressful day, the last thing he needs is to have a kink in his shoulder during the binary options trade because he was sitting with his phone on his shoulder all day.

Another great gadget for the trader of binary options is a smart pen. A pen such as this, like the IrisNotes, records what you write so that it can then be converted into text or edited on the computer. This is the perfect tool for the person who doesn’t want to take notes on the laptop or use hand-written notes during the binary options transaction.

While working as a binary options trader, most people will also want to have music at hand. The iPod is the perfect way to listen to music while still functioning at the binary options trade. A perfect companion to the iPod is the Audio Dock which allows you to take your music with you on the go. It charges and then plays your iPod, iPhone, iPad or other device and has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Almost any binary options trader is glued to watching time, and this is another item that the trader needs to have. Clocks along one wall of the office work both aesthetically and practically. They offer a way to monitor what time it is near and far – and to know around the world what is happening. The trader of binary options may also want to have a watch that has many time zones on it and he might want an hour glass nearby that allows him to count down the minutes until an end point.

Of course, the comfort level of the binary option trader is also vitally important. Keep in mind what types of clothing you might want to wear to be comfortable. Whether this is Polo clothing, Gap sweat pants or Banana Republic khakis, you’ll want to be quite comfortable in the workplace.

All of these gadgets, items and accessories should help the binary option trader a great deal. When you trade binary options, you want to have all of the accessories on your side to help to make the process one that is successful and lucrative. And the more that you surround yourself with comfortable items, with hi-tech gadgets and with helpful tools, the more likely you are to have success as a binary options trader.

Top 10 Gifts for Binary Options Traders

Learn the secret to purchasing just the right gift this holiday season for the binary options trader who has everything.  Find great suggestions for holiday giving.

Holiday Fun for the Binary Options Trader

binary options make a perfect stocking stuff this holiday season

Got gifts?

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about some great gifts for that special person in your life – or for a lot of the special people around you. It’s not always easy to know what to get for the first grade teacher, the binary trading professional, the lawyer, the doctor and beyond. And, it’s not always possible to spend hundreds of dollars on those gifts, even if you love each of your friends and relatives to the end of time. So, what should you get for the guy who lives his life to trade binary options or the woman who owns her own business? Here are ten quick, relatively easy and inexpensive ideas that will get you started for the holiday ahead.  They are gifts that work for both genders, and ones that will stand the test of time. In addition, the joy of many of these gifts is that they are long-lasting.  Today, it’s often recommended to purchase a gift for someone that will last and remind them of you and your thoughtfulness – rather than purchasing something that is fleeting and short-lived. Of course, there are times for those gifts as well. Here, we offer a mix of long-lasting and fleeting gifts, perfect for the binary trading professional, the business person and everyone in between.

Theater Tickets

Everyone loves live entertainment, and what better way to spend the holiday together than to enjoy a matinee or an evening performance. Whether you live in New York City or Kansas City, there is always some type of cultural event going on. You can either purchase two tickets for your loved one to go with a person of his choice, or you can purchase tickets for you to take the person yourself. Pay attention to coupon deals that you might find, as well, for theater productions. The various coupon companies that offer special deals may have something, and you might be able to find something online that is at a great deal.

The Perfect Massage for the Binary Trading Professional

Binary options trading can, at times, be taxing on the trader. As with many professions, it requires concentration and has a great deal of pressure involved with it. Help your binary option trading friend to relax and enjoy with a trip to the spa. Whether you want to purchase a gift certificate for a certain amount or you want to purchase a 1 hour hot stone massage is up to you – but the recipient will, undoubtedly, love the thought and the actual trip to the spa! Another option along these lines is to purchase a monogrammed robe for the friend who loves to trade binary options.  This will allow the person to continue enjoying the plush, relaxing feel of the spa – even when they are at home (and even, perhaps, when they want to trade binary options in their pajamas one day!)

BBQ Equipment, Sports Equipment and More

If you know that your special someone loves bbq or loves golf, for instance, there is a vast array of special gifts that you can find for him (or her). Many websites today cater to the outdoor enthusiast, enabling you to find the perfect barbeque set, the right golf balls for the next outing, the engraved golf club and more. Shop around online and ask others for suggestions about locations where you can find these wonderful, thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank.

Dinner Out or Dinner In

Typically, the binary trading specialist spends a great deal of time at his computer. Most people, and especially someone who sits all day, appreciate a night out on the town. You can either purchase a gift certificate enabling the recipient to enjoy a meal at a restaurant with the person of his choice; or you can create a certificate that explains that you’ll be taking the recipient out for an enjoyable night on the town. You don’t have to go to the fanciest restaurant in town, or pop open the most expensive wine or champagne while there – but the gesture of going out to dine will be greatly appreciated.

Frame It or Capture the Moment

If your binary option trader is a family man (or a member of your family), it’s always lovely to help someone to preserve his memories. This means that you can purchase a beautiful picture frame where he can place one of his favorite family pictures. Or, it could mean that you purchase a gift certificate for him to go to a family sitting. This would enable the recipient and his family to go to a studio and to take family portraits – creating a gift that will last for a lifetime.

Drinking the Good Life

If the binary options trader enjoys fine wines or good alcohol, there is a sea of opportunity with gift ideas. You can purchase him engraved drinking glasses, highlighting his family name, the date and something special about the moment. There are whiskey sets that you can purchase that include a good bottle of whiskey, cubes that keep the drink cold and some lovely glasses. Or, you can always get a simple, yet tasteful, bottle of his favorite wine.  There are also drink-of-the-month programs that enable the purchaser to send a new bottle of beer or type of wine to the recipient’s home. These can last for a few months or for the year, reminding the recipient periodically about your appreciation for them and giving them something new and interesting to drink and enjoy.

The Dressy Friend

For the binary option guy who has everything, cuff links are always a great choice. You can often find locations to purchase these online, and they can be engraved with the date or with the person’s name. There is also a wealth of other cuff link accessories that you might purchase from cuff link organizers to cuff link display cases. Cuff links are a beautiful gift, as they are long-lasting and are used for dressy occassions. This means that the recipient will think of you and your gift when dressed to the nines and ready for an exciting evening.

The Traveling Man

For the person who loves to travel, there is no end to the elaborate (and rather unassuming) purchasing choices. These include the pocket compass, the travel bag, the personalized wallet clip and more. A beautiful wall map that will display all of his past travel adventures makes for a great wall hanging above his office desk where he sits to trade binary options. If the recipient enjoys camping or hiking, there are also many great gift ideas.  Everything from a sleeping bag to a new rain slicker, a pocket knife to a camping backpack and beyond will certainly hit the spot perfectly.

Reading Gadgets and Beyond

Of course, for the reader, there is no better item today than the e-reader. Prices have come down so significantly with today’s e-readers, that a lovely gift can be purchased for less than $100. Similarly, for the loved one who already has the e-reader of his choice, you can purchase a gift certificate enabling them to buy more books and magazines for their device. There is no end to the number of computer accessories and gadgets that you might find for the binary option trader as well.

Fun Play in the House

Finally, many people enjoy staying home these days and finding more entertainment in their home location. Today, there are oodles of small game options that can be purchased for home entertainment. These include a small air hockey set; a miniature sized pool table; a ping pong table in miniature, and more. These games are bound to please, as they require very little room and can be put almost anywhere in the home; they are a great gift for the grown up who wants to be a kid again, and for the children who may also be living in the recipient’s home.

All of these gifts enable the giver to think outside the box slightly and to come up with a creative, thoughtful, and relatively inexpensive purchase. Today’s gifts don’t have to cost a fortune; they have to show a level of caring and thoughtfulness. And, for the trader who typically has most of his basic needs met, they add a level of playful excitement and interest to the typically dry work day.

4G Binary Tiger Affection Trading In Real-Time


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There are certain concepts that are difficult to explain without giving a specific example, and binary options trading is such a concept. While it basically consists of financial trades made on a two-option answer, like yes/no, left/right, up/down, there is … Continue reading